XB – Wheel Base

XB Wheel Base

All Configurations

  • Wheel Base Range: 160″ – 276″
  • Any length wheelbase within range

XB – XBP Frame Rail

XBP Frame Rail

  • Raised Frame Rail with lowered rear section and liner
  • Standard tag axle
  • Front: .3125″ X 3″ X 11.375″
  • Upper: .375″ X 3″ X 8.75″
  • Rear: .3125″ X 3″ X 9.0625″
  • 50K psi steel

XB – XBS Frame Rail

XBS – Straight Rail

  • Straight Frame Rail with lowered rear section and liner
  • Allows for flat floor throughout the bus
  • Single frame rail connects front and rear suspensions
  • .3125″ x 2.81″ x 9.125″
  • 50,000 ksi formed steel

XB – XBR Frame Rail

XBR & XBP – Raised Rail

  • Raised Frame Rail with lowered rear section and liner
  • Allows for a flat floor throughout the bus and a higher basement height for increased storage space
  • Standard tag axle (XBP)
  • .25″ x 2.75″ x 9″
  • 50,000 psi steel

XB – Tires


Michelin Tire


With an array of options, Michelin tires are made to suit the needs of each commercial bus driver.

For specific tire information, take a look at Michelin Bus Tires.

XB – Components Select Features

Select Features

Heated Automatic Moisture Injectors

Automatically drain moisture from the air tanks every day, so you don’t have to pull tank lanyards.

XB – Brakes


Disc Brakes

Bendix® Air Disc Brakes

The state-of-the-art Bendix® air disc braking system delivers the ultimate in safety and reliability. You will feel especially secure when descending hills and steep mountain grades. When your foot applies the brakes, they will perform as expected, and you will be in complete command of your bus.

  • Shorter stopping distance compared to drum brakes
  • Reduce fade and squealing, as they dissipate heat more effectively than drum brakes
  • Easier maintenance

Meritor® Q PlusTM Cam Brakes

Premium Stopping Performance

Meritor Q Plus brakes are designed to provide uniform wear and consistent performance through optimized lining geometry, patented quick-change shoes and advanced friction material. Parts commonality among steer, drive and trailer axle brakes ensure availability to keep you on the road. For more information, take a look at the Meritor website.

XB – X-Ride Rear Suspension

X-RideTM Rear Suspension


The 23,000lb X-Ride suspension brings a new level of design, technology, and capability to the world of commercial bus chassis. Unlike any other suspension on the market, the X-Ride – offered exclusively on the XB series chassis from FCCC – combines two superior design elements: a four-point link and a four-bag suspension.

Individually, these elements offer commercial bus operators great functionality and flexibility. Together, they offer a higher capacity for mid-size coaches and form the foundation of the X-Ride suspension from FCCC.



The X-Ride’s 4-point link integrates the separate functions previously performed by the trackbar and the stabilizer bar. As a result, the X-Ride fulfills all of the familiar roll-stabilization requirements, including axle control even in extreme driving conditions, leading to increased ground clearance and decreased overall system weight.

In addition, the X-Ride’s 4-point link significantly improves vehicle safety over the performance range and life of the chassis while offering simplified and streamlined operation.

  • Fewer individual components
  • Weight reduction
  • Maintenance-free
  • Increased space for body installation
  • Improved ground clearance

4-Bag Suspension


The most significant advantage presented by the rear axle system of the X-Ride and its 4-bag suspension is significant weight reduction, allowing for increased passenger capacity. The total axle system weight, including all suspension elements, has been reduced to less than 2,200lbs total – without compromising ride quality and durability.

The reduction in unsprung mass ultimately results in improved ride comfort. The reduced pinion standout allows longer prop shafts to be used, thereby reducing the articulation angles of the suspension’s U-joints. This, in turn, reduces the noise level from the suspension while an overall wide stance produces better balance, stability and performance, as well as improved longevity of the driveline.

  • Overall weight reduction
  • Improved ride comfort
  • Noise reduction
  • Reduced articulation angles
  • Lowered maintenance costs
  • Usage of longer prop shafts

XB – Single-Axle Neway ADL Rear Suspension

Single-Axle Neway ADL Rear Suspension

17,500 – 23,000 lbs.

Neway ADL

By maintaining a constant driveline angle and isolating driver and passengers from the harshest bumps and road conditions, the Neway ADL Suspension provides a comfortable ride day-in and day-out.

  • Large volumetric air bags allow for more air in the suspension for a smoother ride
  • Large transverse beam minimizes body roll and increases bus stability
  • Parallelogram suspension design reduces driveline angle, noise and driveline wear

XB – Meritor Single Rear Axles

Meritor Single Rear Axles

17,500 – 25,000 lbs.

Meritor Single Axle

Meritor’s proven designs are combined with high-strength engineered materials to provide excellent performance and durability.

  • Gearing and axle shaft designs are matched to deliver cost-effective, dependable functionality
  • Gearing options provide long life and increased durability
  • Precision-forged differential gears provide maximum strength and shock resistance
  • Rigid differential cases support precise gear alignment and durability
  • A wide range of axle arrangements and housing bowl positions allow customization and packaging flexibility for commercial bus manufacturers
  • The widest range of gear ratios available enable bus builders to choose axles to fit their desired fuel economy, greater torque or maximum traction
  • Available two-speed hypoid axles offer additional traction as needed
  • Versatile, high-quality components ensure quiet operation and ease of service
  • Lightweight aluminum carrier casting options deliver additional payload capacity and fuel economy
  • Optional Driver-Controlled Differential Lock (DCDL) provides superior traction and spinout protection in slippery conditions