Panel: XB – UltraSteer Tag Suspension


Handling Luxury with Precision.

As the first line of tag axles that are fully-integrated and precision-tuned to react to turns and maneuvers of the coach, UltraSteer establishes a new standard for premium ride and handling.


  • Auto-Locks to straight @ 20mph and in reverse for complete control
  • Flexible coach packaging for increased storage options
  • QuickAlign and optimized rubber bushings increase suspension life and reduce maintenance
  • Compatible with disc and drum brakes

Increased Maneuverability

  • Significant reduction in curb-to-curb turning radius
  • Remarkably tight turning angle

Improved Ride & Handling

  • UltraSteer’s outboard-mounted design is more reactive to roll input than inboard-mounted shocks, which improves handling in turns and maneuvers such as sudden lane changes
  • Wide track suspension arms provide increased lateral stiffness over narrow track suspension arms, improving handling and safety (B-Series)

Tire Savings

  • In contrast to rear mounted tie rods that can still cause tire scrub, the UltraSteer’s forward-mounted tie rods and correct steering geometry enable the inside wheel to have a 12° turning angle and follow the ideal turning path—eliminating tire scrub


  • B-Series

    A straight beam axle and wide track suspension arms provide increased lateral stiffness, delivering improved handling and safety in turns and sudden maneuvers while offering OEMs flexible floorplan options.

  • I-Series

    An independent suspension on the tag axle provides enhanced overall ride quality and stability, with a comparable weight capacity and turning angle to the B-Series.

B-Series I-Series
Ride Quality Good Best
Roll Stability Good Best
Side to Side Stability Good Best
Weight Capacity (GVWR) Best Best
Turning Angle Best Best
Coach Packaging Best Good