Panel: XB – Neway Tag Axle

Neway Tag Axle

More than just an “add-on” to handle more weight, the Neway Tag Axle is designed to be integrated into the overall chassis and braking system, enhancing overall stability and providing consistent braking.

  • Additional payload capacity – up to 47,000 lb. GVWR
  • Longer floor plans – the tag axle accommodates floor plans up to 45 feet for more space and design options
  • Automatic load proportioning system – an industry first – distributes weight proportionately across all three axles to ensure a smoother, more comfortable ride and decrease tire scrub during low speed and back up
  • CAD-designed coupling plate provides superior strength in high-stress areas
  • Five-year, 100,000-mile coolant is pre-charged with SCA
  • Air-disc brakes with ABS dramatically decrease stopping distance in virtually all braking conditions, while minimizing fade during rapid or extensive application of the brakes